You, yes you! Look at the photo. Now look at your boxers. Do you really like them? Do you feel a bit like the guy in the photo?

Now more than ever men are looking after their appearances. There are creams to take care of your beard, bold shirts, socks with infinite prints, glasses of all colours…but…why has no one thought about boxers? Boxers are the first thing you put on every day, the first decision you make every morning in front of the mirror and the last think you (or they) take off in your most intimate moments.

As the world is for nonconformists, and we did not want to continue wearing the normal run of the mill branded boxers, we created The Cool Cactus to fill your underpants with colour and joy.


Being expert users and searchers of the Holy Grail of boxers, we know that design is important and definitely affects that first purchase. But what makes us feel more loyal to a brand is that they are comfortable, that we feel comfortable in them and that you can wear them all day long without even noticing. It’s in this way, and only this way that a brand becomes YOUR brand of boxers.

Our boxers are 100% cotton, using very fine fibres to allow us to produce thin, strong and extremely soft yarns. In addition, as the devil is in the detail, all our boxers have our custom-made, recognisable green button, the same colour stitching on the fly and sides and our logo embroidered on one of the legs or waistband.




As we want to be your brand of boxers; we make it very easy for you.

Do you want to send an amazing gift to your friends but they all wear different sizes? No worries! You choose. You can personalise your pack of 3, 5 or 7 boxers of different shapes and sizes of all the styles you love most.

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