“Whilst the cowardly only think about it, the brave go, conquer and return” or so said a painting hung in a bar where we spent most of our formative years. And indeed it has become our life motto. The Cool Cactus is brave, optimistic, non-conformist and urban. But above all, we like to enjoy life and have fun.

That’s why we want you to wear your boxers and go out there and grab life. Because the girl who looks at you in the bar is looking forward to you talking to her and the colleague you see every morning in the elevator is looking forward to having coffee with you.

We only ask that you tell us. Tell us in what decisive moments of your life, your Cool Cactus boxers were with you, how they helped you, what happened and what people said about them.

Be brave, wear your boxers and….#UndressTheWorld.

The Cool Cactus

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